Specify your footprint

As the market consciousness  of our ecological footprint grows the demand for life cycle assesments, LCA, and their resulting environmental product declarations, EPD, follows. To effectively deal with this growing market demand  the spin-off ENPERAS has been founded.



Our aim is to help you to specify your environmental footprint to generate a PULL market for your products and thus to maximize the commercial value for your LCA/EPD certificate.

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ENPERAS offers an LCA software tailored for your activities that will empower you with some clicks to generate variousĀ results.

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Today and EPD reflects 19 different environmental impact categories and thus 19 different interpretations. ENPERASĀ uses single score mechanisms to consolidate the environmental impact in 1 number.

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Our team

Luc Plancke

Business Manager

Arthur De Jaegher

Life Cycle Engineer

Hannah Van Hees

Jr. Life Cycle Engineer


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